Basic Stair Case Design in Excel

Excel construction spreadsheets by ConstructionCalcStairCalc Basic Stair Case Layout and Design in ExcelStair Calc Basic has been discontinued - Created and priced specifically for the do-it-yourselfer and light-duty contractor. Lay out any non-curved stairs, with or without landings, with ease and confidence. Rise, run, headroom, horizontal fit, and more – all calculated in seconds. For more complicated stair projects, check out our (similarly inexpensive) StairCalc-Pro.Great for stairs constructed of wood, steel, or concrete.StairCalc-Basic Features:Accommodates up to 30 steps and 5 landings. (Non-curved stairs only. For circular stairs and longer stairs, check out our StairCalc-Pro.)Simple input and output in Feet-Inches format.Handles fractions and decimals with ease.Calculates number of risers and treads, with or without landings.At any step, instantly calculates:• Headroom (if it is a concern)• Horizontal distance from first step• Elevation of that tread• True length of the stair jackCalculates the angle of the stairs, both in degrees and in pitch (x:12).Loaded with on-the-fly help to remind you of Code-Specific rules, such as maximum rise and run, minimum headroom, maximum distance between landings, and much more.Includes a built-in Feet-Inches Calculator.Includes a built-in Decimal to Fraction Converter and Table of Common Fractions.If you lay out only one set of stairs in your life, this inexpensive program will save you hours of calculation and worry. Plus your stairs will fit - the first time!

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