Power Span Load Tables in Excel

Excel construction spreadsheets by ConstructionCalcPower Span Load Tables in ExcelPower Span Load Tables is discontinued - click here for similar ConstructionCalc products Our Power Span Tables will make your old-fashioned ink-and-paper span tables relics from ancient history. The regular version accepts up to four uniform loads simultaneously. But more importantly, it gives you up to twenty alternative solutions on every run! Wood (any species and grade), Glue Lam''s, Parallam PSL''s, and I-Joists are all shown simultaneously.The main difference between our Power Span Tables and our Wood Beam Calculator is in the types of loads accepted. The Wood Beam Calculator will accept up to eight uniform loads over the full length of the member, plus up to five point loads, plus up to five partial uniform loads, plus one triangular (wedge) load; whereas the Power Span Tables are limited to uniform load(s) over the full length of the member.Example problems:All of our Power Span Tables come with three solved example problems which are accessible within the software itself with one click. All help information is also accessible with one click, or by simple mouse-over.

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