StairCalc Pro Stair Case Calculator in Excel

'Excel construction spreadsheets by ConstructionCalcStaircase Calculator in ExcelBUY NOWUS$94.00 This staircase calculator is created for the construction / industrial professional. The powerful, yet simple program has all the features of StairCalc-Basic, plus it handles circular or spiral stairs – and straight-run stairs up to 500 steps and 200 landings!Great for stairs constructed of wood, steel, or concrete.Two separate programs in one: Straight-run stairs up to 500 steps and 200 landings; and Circular or Spiral stairs up to 500 steps. One click toggle between them.Input precision to 64th’s of an inch.Circular stairs output includes:• Rise calculation to fit vertically within your floor-to-floor elevations.• Typical tread dimensions: inside and outside widths and arc lengths calculated for you.• True length of curved stair jacks – both inside and outside.• Headroom to ceiling, and headroom to stair tread above for spiral stairs.• Overall interior (horizontal) angle of the stairs.• Number of revolutions of spiral stairs.• Vertical angle and pitch of stairs at inside and at outside.• Tread width calculation at 12-inches from inside of tread (code requirement for spiral stairs).Simple input in Feet-Inches format.Handles fractions and decimals with ease.Calculates number of risers and treads automatically.At any step, instantly calculates:• Headroom (if it is a concern)• Horizontal distance from first step (straight-run calculator only).• Elevation of that tread• True length of the stair jack(s).Calculates the angle of the stairs, both in degrees and in pitch (x:12).Loaded with on-the-fly help to remind you of Code-Specific rules, such as maximum rise and run, minimum headroom, maximum distance between landings, and much more.Includes a built-in Feet-Inches Calculator.Includes a built-in Decimal to Fraction Converter and Table of Common Fractions.Never again wrangle with complicated stairs calculations – or stairs that don’t fit. If you design or build stairs, this program is a must!

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