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Excel Consulting

My 30 Second Elevator Pitch:

Yes, Excel can do that! DotXLS creates robust spreadsheet solutions that can simplify and automate your tasks saving you and your staff both time and effort. Solutions can be created at less cost and with a faster development time compared with more expensive alternatives. DotXLS is available for both large and small projects, is located in Texas, and does not outsource or subcontract it's work. Excel's capabilities will surprise you. Please contact Doug Tyrrell for more information.

I am an experienced Excel VBA macro expert

  • I am a VBA macro expert.
  • Excel is more than just pretty tables on a spreadsheet.
  • Excel's built in VBA macro programming language unleases the real power of Excel.
  • Let me automate your repetitive tasks to reduce errors and to save you time, money, and manpower.

I am an experienced web programmer (PHP/mySQL)

An increasing part of my work is moving off the desktop to web applications and databases that can be accessed by clients, and their clients or employees, from anywhere.

Getting Started - Free Excel Consultation

  • Please contact me by email or phone for a free consultation and a free quote.
  • The more information you can provide the better as this will help me provide an accurate quote or estimate.
  • If this is a fix or revision of an existing spreadsheet please attach any applicable or sample files.
  • I will get back to you with my understanding of the project and deliverables, a quote or estimate, and a timeline for completion.

About me / Why choose me as your Excel Consultant?

This is the part where I establish my credentials without divulging too much personal information for all to see on the internet. If you are looking for a detailed C.V. or my cat's name you will be disappointed. Suffice to say I've settled out in the West Texas town of El Paso after spending many years among financial district cubicle dwellers. You never know where a Geography degree and l'amour will take you.

I am a full-time Excel Consultant working mainly via the internet and phone with clients across the USA and Canada. A client map is shown above.

My background:

  • 20 years experience as a Financial Analyst in Banking, Retail chain, and Real Estate head offices
  • 20 years experience creating complex Excel spreadsheets and applications
  • 20 years experience developing and maintaining financial databases (dbase, Access, Prism , Essbase, mySQL)
  • 20 years experience eliminating jobs (mine) by simplifying and reducing existing processes (from days to literally hours)
  • 10 years as a full-time Excel Consultant
  • And finally,I love this stuff!

Clients include:

Selected client logos

Projects have included:

  • automate weekly and monthly report generation
  • employee scheduling and attendance spreadsheets
  • online surveys (yes, I am also a PHP/mySQL web programmer) with the results downloaded and analyzed with Excel charts and graphs
  • sales quote spreadsheets
  • billing and invoicing spreadsheets
  • automate budget approval processes
  • downloading data from the web and reformatting to fit desktop requirements
  • nuclear plant calculations (yes, really)
  • janitorial staffing & supplies
  • upload data to a web site
  • production scheduling/ project scheduling
  • property comparison software for appraisers
  • mapping and charting customers to ZIP codes
  • email to a recipient list from Excel/ read Outlook emails
  • assisted care scheduling (employees and patients)
  • sales order reports
  • individual retail store & restaurant sales/expense reports and rollup/aggregation to regional & corporate totals

I can help with:

Custom Spreadsheet Applications

We can help with quick fixes or major projects
We have experience creating applications for: monthly reporting, financial analysis, capital expenditures, customer databases and annual budget planning

Automate repetitive and routine tasks

Eliminate manual errors and reduce turn-around-time from hours to minutes.
Faster processing to meet your tight deadlines.

Spreadsheet and VBA debugging

Debug existing spreadsheet formulas and VBA code

Spreadsheet Tune-up

  • Reduce your file size and recalculation times
  • Review formulas and make them more efficient
  • Make the application less complex and low-maintenance
  • Create a user friendly interface and more professional apperance
  • Create a more robust, tamper-proof, and user-proof application

Data merging, cleanup and manipulation

DotXLS can provide the expertise and ''brute-force'' required to analyze, cleanup and/or merge your data for presentation or database input purposes


Upon a decision to proceed I typically ask new clients for part payment in advance with the balance due upon satisfactory completion.

If this is a large project I may ask for payment at each major stage of development. There is no "black box", the client is always in the loop and kept up to speed on progress.

My preference is payment by credit card or PayPal. I also accept US checks.

For more information or a quote please contact us via:


Doug Tyrrell
Excel Consultant
PO Box 13557
El Paso, Texas 79913

DotXLS can work on an hourly basis and/or quote a flat-rate project fee.

Payment methods include Paypal or US check.

All information is kept in the strictest confidence and is never shared. DotXLS is US based, in Texas, and does not outsource or sub-contract.

Credit Card payments accepted via PayPal.