If the corrupted Excel file is open, or can be opened

Try the free Excel recovery listed below. You may be able to solve simple problems yourself.

  1. Try to open the file on a different computer
  2. Do not run Excel off a floppy diskIf the corrupt Excel file is a on floppy disk, copy the file to your hard-drive or a network drive.
  3. Turn off Auto-SaveAutoSave saves a file every ''x'' minutes.The file may crash if a macro is running during AutoSave.Click on Tools-AutoSave. If the AutoSave command is missing then you do not have the AutoSave addin installed.
  4. Turn off file-sharingA shared Excel file allows multiple users to work on a file simultaneously and can keep a log of user''s changes. [Shared] will appear in the title bar if the file is shared.Turn off sharing by clicking on Tools-Share Workbook
  5. Save as an HTML file''Filter'' the file by saving it as a Webpage, close it, re-open, then save as an Excel file. In the File-SaveAs-Webpage dialog box: click Entire-Workbook to save all sheets
  6. Save as an SYLK file''Filter'' the file by saving it in SYLK (Symbolic Link) format, close it, re-open, then save as an Excel file. Only the activesheet will be saved.
  7. Revert To Last Saved VersionIf the Excel file becomes corrupted before it is saved, you can revert to the last saved version.
    Click on File-Open then select the file you are editing. Opening the file will discard any changes since the last save.
  8. Microsoft Excel File Recovery Macro (Excel 97 only)If you can open the file in Excel 97 then the Microsoft Excel 97 Macro Recovery File can be used to recreate the workbook, worksheets and modules. A log file helps to pinpoint problem areas.
    Download from http://support.microsoft.com
  9. Reduce Excel file size / Excel VBA Code CleanerAppsPro''s free Code Cleaner: "During the process of creating VBA programs, a lot of "junk" builds up in your files. If these files aren''t cleaned periodically you will begin to experience strange problems caused by this extra baggage. Cleaning a project involves exporting the contents of all its VBComponentsout to text files, deleting the components, then importing the components back from the text files." "You will often see a dramatic reduction in file size once you''ve done this. Even after recompiling the code....500k-600k projects routinely drop 100k if they haven''t been cleaned recently. This is all useless, error prone garbage getting thrown out of your file."
  10. Reduce Excel File Size / VBUSERS Excel File Rebuilder"The rebuilder has been primarily designed for developers to help stabilise and compact Excel Workbooks. Rebuilding workbooks containing VBA code and references to COM objects results in the workbooks becoming more stabile and reducing in size by up to 70%.The rebuilder also overcomes many common problems including unexplained ''Bad DLL Calling Convention'' errors, Excel locking up while saving workbooks and ''Application undefined error''. The rebuilder will also automatically check all references and if necessary repoint any invalid references."~$22.48, 14 day free trial version: http://www.vbusers.com/downloads/download.asp#item2
  11. Use Excel''s built-in Detect and Repair utility.Excel 2000+ has a built in Detect and Repair utility. Click on Help - Detect and RepairNote: "This procedure detects and repairs problems associated with installed Microsoft Office programs, such as registry settings and missing installation files. It will not repair personal files such as spreadsheets or templates."

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