Excel addin to retrieve and import database data

SQL Tester"The tool for retrieving data from databases and putting it into MS Excel"The SQL Tester is an interactive Query Tool (add-in) for retrieving data and displaying it on the screen in an ad hoc basis from almost all kinds of databases.The output can be placed in worksheets and added to workbooks VBA-projects.It also allows you to: Copy the displayed data into a worksheet including connection-string and query-string Create dynamic queries where the data can be updated on a regular basis. Insert a complete VBA-procedure which is based on the query and the database-connection. Easily create queries by selecting keywords, names of tables and columns from user-friendly forms. Create, test and export the queries to the clipboard or to textfiles. Import queries from textfiles and have them executed. Work with disconnected records. Get more accurate and higher quality of the retrieved data compared to MS Query. RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 2000 or above Microsoft Excel 2000 or above MDAC 2.5 (Microsoft Data Access Components) or above.As a user you must, at least, have a basic knowledge about the Special Query Language (SQL) itself,and also have some basic experience of working with databases. Price: $33 for a single license which include future versions of the add-in.The SQL tester

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