Forecast and Budget Builder in Excel

Excel spreadsheet application by BizPepOnlineForecast and Budget Builder ExcelBUY NOW US$30        Try The Forecast and Budget Builder Excel is a streamlined tool for developing a 3 year business forecast and a 12 month budget. It requires minimal inputs and generates Optimistic to Pessimistic forecasts for your business. From your forecasts a 12 month master budget is built.You then have the capacity to refine this budget as required. The methodology used applies relationships between current data and relative indicators for future performance to produce a verifiable budget quickly and easily. This forecast and budget tool can be utilized for existing and proposed businesses, products, or services. Outputs include a 3 Year Forecast with Sensitivity Analysis, and a Budget by Month in tabular and graphical form.30 day money back guarantee, 7 day trial versionBUY NOW US$30       Try
"Yes, Excel can do that!"
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