Free 2008 Excel Tax Forms for April 2009 filing

Free Excel Tax Forms for IRS 2008 Federal Income Tax Returns - for April 2009 filing

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet income tax calculator2008 IRS Federal Income Tax Spreadsheet - a free and comprehensive 25 page Excel spreadsheet with all major forms and schedules. Updated and revised since 1996. Does not use macros.Sheets: W-2s / 1099-R / Form 1040 / Sch. A / Sch. B / Sch. C / Sch. D / Sch. D WS / Sch. D-1 / Sch. E (1) / Sch. E (2) / Sch. SEWebsite: 2008 Tax Calculator and Forms

Tax Assistant for Excel - 2008 Tax YearTax Assistant for Excel by DJI Computer Solutions. 10 day free trial. 13 pages. Uses macros.Provides Excel workbooks with IRS approved substitutes of Form 1040, Schedules A, B, D, D-1 and Form 1040A with Schedule 1. Also worksheets related to deductions and Schedule D including the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax and Child Tax Credit worksheets.Sheets: IncomeWebsite: Tax Assistant for Excel

SimplePlanning 2008 Excel Tax Calculator & Planner (for April 2008 filing)The SimplePlanning tax calculator includes a 2008 Quick Tax Estimator, 2008 Detailed Tax Calculator, Tax Withholding (W-4) Calculator, Itemized or Standard Deduction Calculator, Child Tax Credit Worksheet, Schedule B (Interest & Dividend) Worksheet, and Form 1040 Excel Spreadsheet. Price: $9.95, free demo downloadWebsite: 2008 Excel Tax Calculator & Planner (for April 2009 filing)

2005 IRS Tax Forms by DSLreports usersThese tax forms were found in the DSLreports Forums. They are the combined efforts of forum regulars. As stated in the Excel file: "Don''t Trust this!!It''s untested and unproven.So what good is it?If it''s working at all (and I think it is) thenit can give you something quick to compare youractual return against." Tax Time thread at DSL Reports2005 Excel Tax FormSheets: Instructions / 1040 Worksheet / Schedule_A / Schedule B / Schedule D / 2005TaxTable / 2005TaxComputation / OffLineCalculations
"Yes, Excel can do that!"
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