Instant Word and Excel password remover

Instant online recovery service for password protected MS Word and Excel files. Free online preview of encrypted file content.

Decryptum is the first online Word and Excel instant password removal service. Decryption time is under 3 minutes, regardless of password length: you don''t have to wait days for the file to be unprotected (all other services offer 2 to 14 days turnaround time). You don''t have to download and install any software or spend your CPU time running a password recovery tool. Decryptum recovers file-open passwords only. VBA Key may be used to retrieve VBA passwords.All MS Word and Excel versions since the "97" version (including both "XP" and 2003 versions) use the standard document encryption mode with 40-bit key length by default.In the "XP" and "2003" MS Office versions, Microsoft introduced Additional Cryptographic Providers for document protection. This allows users to choose encryption type and the size of a key, according to one''s security reliability requirements. If one chooses, say, 128-bit key, it becomes practically impossible to decrypt the file, taking into account the capabilities of today''s computing resources.Decryptum can instantly recover Excel and Word files saved with the default 40-bit enctyption.Features* 100% guarantee - if Decryptum fails to open your file, you pay nothing. * Instant decryption - recovery process takes under 3 minutes. * No software to download and install - service is online only. * Fully Automated - files are processed by secure servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. * Online Preview - see your file content before paying. * All Word/Excel 2003/2002/2000/97 files protected with original 40 bit encryption are supported. * Long and Multilingual passwords are supported.Limitations* Decryptum does not support old MS Word/Excel files created with Office 95 and prior. * Decryptum does not work with Workbook/sheet, document protection and VBA passwords. It removes only file-open passwords. * Files protected using "additional cryptoproviders" are not supported. * In all cases above, you can use Office Key to unprotect your files. * Documents created with restricted permissions using the "Information Rights Service for Microsoft Office" are not supported. *MS Excel files which contain custom menus are not supported.For more information please visit

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