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Decryptum Press Release: Instantly Unprotect Excel FilesFor Immediate ReleaseContact: Dmitry Konevnik, dmitryk@lostpassword.comThe first instant online decryption service for MS Word and Excel files.TALLINN -- Passware Inc. announced today a new online ecryption service for MS Word and Excel files. Decryptum(tm) offers online, secure file processing and becomes the first decryption service opening documents protected with default MS Office encryption instantly."There are no other guaranteed and fast password recovery methods for MS Word and Excel files., said Dmitry Sumin, Passware manager. ""All "products available on the market leave you waiting for a few days or more for the data to be recovered. Sometimes this time frame is acceptable, sometimes not. If your data is critical and you are in hurry, is the only solution available."While default MS Office encryption is not as secure as once thought, the latest "2003" and "XP" MS Office versions, introduce Additional Cryptographic Providers that allows users to choose encryption type and the size of a key, according to one''s security reliability requirements. Choosing a 128-bit key makes file decryption practically impossible, taking into account the capabilities of today''s computers.Decryptum(tm) combines all the knowledge Passware accumulated since entering password recovery software market in 1998 and provides never before seen functionality.It is online and fully automated, no software is needed to be downloaded and installed. Decryption time is under 3 minutes per file, regardless of password length and complexity. There is a free preview of decrypted file content available.Pricing and AvailabilitySingle file decryption costs US $39. Attractive volume discounts are available. The service may be purchased securely online at

For more information or service evaluation, please visit, or contact Passware Inc. at Fax: +1 (202) 478-0752. Passware Inc, 4 Tallinn St.Tallinn, 11624 Estonia. # # #About PasswareSince 1998, Passware has been supplying Help Desk personnel, Law Enforcement, Forensic agencies, IT professionals and business users with the security tools that they need to ensure data availability in the event of lost passwords.

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