Password Recovery Software

Lost your Excel password? Never knew it? The spreadsheet''s creator has moved on?*Recovery Software and ServicesPurchasing Password Recovery SoftwareAdvantage: privacy and confidentiality of files (not e-mailed to a 3rd party)

  • LostPassword.comUses the brute force and dictionary attack approach and costs US$45 for Excel and $65 for Excel and Word and US$129 for the entire Office suite

E-mailing the spreadsheet to a Password Recovery ServiceAdvantage: faster turnaround, money back guarantee if not successful

  • Decryptum.comInstant online recovery service for password protected MS Word and Excel files. Free online preview of encrypted file content. $39
  • LostPassword.comOffers a "Guaranteed Decryption Service" for password protected Word/Excel documents. They will return your documents decrypted in 4 to 7 days, regardless of the length of the password.

Free Excel worksheet password removal softwareThis add-in uses a simple algorithm to remove (not recover) worksheet and workbook structure passwords from Excel spreadsheets. It does not remove VBA passwords or passwords required to open closed file.*In no event shall dotXLS be held liable for misuse of these products, any loss of data, down time, loss of revenue or any other direct or indirect damage or claims arising from the use of this software. These links are only provided for the legitimate owners of the target spreadsheets.', '
"Yes, Excel can do that!"
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