AnalyzerXL Technical Analysis Excel Add-in

AnalyzerXLTechnical Analysis Software by AnalyzerXLBUY&Download US$99.95 Package includes: AnalyzerXL, BulkQuotesXL, DownloaderXL, RTQuotesXL, PortfolioXL & OptionsXL.
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Manage your investment in Excel. Technical Analysis Software. 140+ indicators, experts. Free download of historical stock quotes, options, indices, mutual funds into spreadsheets from U.S., European and Canadian stock exchanges. The best tool for the beginners to learn the technical analysis. Powerful tool for the professionals. Building trade stations. Portfolio management. Open for VB developers. Design your own indicators without programming.All-in-One Technical Analysis Solution for Microsoft ExcelEvery day, thousands of traders use AnalyzerXL to make more effective trading decisions. AnalyzerXL is a full suite of cutting-edge tools that brings an extremely high level of accuracy and precision to your trades. Key features include: * 146 technical analysis functions. * Historical data downloads. * Real-time quotes. * Neural network-based prediction and data classification. * Strategy backtesting. * Portfolio tracking. * Options chain downloads.The tight integration of the AnalyzerXL suite with Microsoft Excel makes customization tasks much easier than when performed using competing software packages. In fact, AnalyzerXL provides similar, and, in many cases superior, functionality than leading advanced trading software packages, but at a fraction of the cost.AnalyzerXL is a library of 146 technical analysis functions, indicators and experts in the form of Excel formulas. An indicator is used to determine the trend of a market, the strength of the market and the direction of the market. An expert is a stock market system such as Bill Williams Profitunity. All 146 formulas include wizards that make entering data easy.AnalyzerXL''s seamless integration with Excel provides opportunities for customization that are just not possible with competing software packages. With knowledge of VBA, traders can easily develop custom indicators and experts in a fraction of the time it would take with other software. Users can also create and name macros using the AnalyzerXL interface. [ more... ]Key features summary: * 146 technical analysis functions, indicators, and experts * Built-in charts for more accurate analysis * Macro creation and managementBUY NOW ,
       30 DayMoney Back Guarantee
, RTQuotesXL, PortfolioXL & OptionsXL.

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