Point and Figure Charts in Excel

Excel add-in application by Penzina Pty LtdXL ChartProBUY NOW US$79 (or $99 bundled with XL Trade Link)       DemoVersion This add-in creates Point & Figure Charts within an Excel Workbook. You can chart up to 30 years worth of data. Charts can be plotted for any type of data. You choose. Box size and number of reversals are configurable and there is an option to plot a volume histogram and trend lines. There are zoom features and autocomments showing underlying source data. Wyckoff supported. Now includes Moving Averages. New features include Bar/Candle/Kagi/Renko Charts. XLTradeLink supports MetaStock, EzyChartsProduce Point and Figure Charts in Excel choosing from a variety of scales, number of reversals and box sizes.Overlay Moving Averages using Volume Weighted Moving Averages, Volume Histograms and fine tune the configurable Trendlines to suit your Trading/Investing style. Together with XLCharts, you can now also produce Bar/Candlestick/Kagi/Renko Charts in a highly interactive wayWhy Use XLChartPro?Here is an add-in which takes a new perspective on Point and Figure Presentation. Core to this presentation is the placement of the Point and Figure Chart in the actual worksheet cells. A worksheet cell, set to a smaller size, provides the ideal medium for this. With 256 columns and over 65,000 rows, there is ample room for the largest of Charts located in just one worksheet. And with Excel 2000 and XP the number of Charts per workbook are limited only by your Systems resources!Couple this with an interface that enables you to Chart a wide range of Securities, including Indexes, Currencies and Commodities, whether they be Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Intraday and you now have a serious Trading Tool at your fingertips. But there is more to come. Choose from a variety of Point and Figure Scaling types, including Traditional Chartcraft and Percentage (Logarithmic) scaling. Tune and retune the chart for your Box Size of choice and select from 1 to 6 reversals.You can now overlay Simple or Exponential Moving Averages using Volume Weighted Moving Averages.Select your own feature to chart (eg. Close) or use the traditional High/Low. XLChartPro now supports the Wyckoff Method and includes optional configurable Trend Lines. Adjust the Trend Line Penetration Factor or Filter short, mid to Long Term Trends to suit YOUR Investment Strategies.Want to know more? Create effective charts by setting appropriate zoom factors for each one. Let XLChartPro take advantage of Excel''s comment feature and comment boxes with underlying price data. Chart an optional Volume Histogram (whatever you may read or hear, price movement and volume are RELATED and we were the first to introduce this technique). XLChartPro remembers all of your configurations settings for each Chart and, with one button press, refreshes all charts with the new data in your workbook.FeaturesEasy installationEasy to useRuns as a menu selection from the Main MenuIntelligent (automatic filling) drop down boxesDynamic selection of pre-existing Point & Figure Chart as you typeDynamic population of previously used parameters for the selected securityUp to 6 ReversalsCustomisable Box Sizes either from dropdown box or direct entrySimple or Exponential Moving Averages using Volume Weighted Moving AveragesOptional Volume histogramChart up to 30 years data per worksheetSupports Stocks, Indexes, Commodities, Futures, Currencies and more. Intraday supported.Any number of Charts per workbook. Limited only by Memory.Three types of vertical axis scaling (Standard, Chartcraft High/Low and Percentage/Logarithmic)Choose which price data you want to Chart (eg Close)Wyckoff Method supportedConfigurable Trend LinesZoom and box auto-comment (underlying price data)One button refresh for all ChartsFull documentationBUY NOW US$79 (or $99 bundled with XL Trade Link)       DemoVersion

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