XL Trade Link Securities Exchanges

Excel add-in application by Penzina Pty LtdXL Trade LinkBUY NOW US$49 (or $99 bundled with XL Chart Pro)       DemoVersion XLTradeLink is an Excel XP/2000 add-in which enables you to link in your data from MetastockTM, EzyChartsTM, Text and also by direct download from the Internet (50 Exchanges). Please note, XLTradeLink links data for reading. XLTradeLink has been tested on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.Why Use XLTradeLink?XLTradeLink is a data Portal for Excel. The powerful XLTradeLink Data Linking interface lets you link your price data directly into Excel from a variety of sources without the need to get into the ever-frustrating import text file cycle. And we mean Linking. XLTradeLink provides the means to connect Excel to MetastockTM , EzyChartsTM or Text folders or it can use the Internet to download Historical data from a large number of Exchanges directly into your workbook.And it does this with ease. Link multiple folders (MetastockTM and EzyChartsTM) into the one workbook. Link any number of securities (dependent on your Systems resources). Select ALL data or, tell the Data Linker how many days to Link. With one button press, refresh ALL data in your workbook.Let''s face it, the more expensive packages may be good at some things but sharing data does not feature high on their list of priorities. Who suffers the most? YOU. Now XLTradeLink gives you the means to harness the analytical and charting features of Excel using your data with ease.FeaturesEasy installationEasy to useRuns as a menu selection from the Main MenuEasy Browsing Dialogue Box for MetastockTM, EzyChartsTM and Text FoldersSupport for multiple Text formats (not just csv)Automatic Population of List Box with all securities in a selected folderOne or more securities may be selected for Linking at a timeChoice the number of days to link or Link all data for selected securitiesOne button refresh to update existing linked data with new dataInternet Download directly into ExcelInternet Downloader supports most Global ExchangesInternet Data formatted automatically for XLChartPro useFull DocumentationExchanges Supported Argentina - BUE

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