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Your business needs a written policy manual.Office Policy Manual 2004 will help you implement policy fast & economically.

  • Employee handbook templates featuring over 100 in-depth business & information systems policies
  • Free eBook shows you How to Write a Policy Manual PDF conversion capability - distribute policies electronically via email or website
  • Forty-seven Microsoft Word-compatible human resources forms
  • Eighteen workplace Department of Labor Posters in PDF format

Communicate clearly with employees & protect the companyEvery business should have a written policy manual that covers employee guidelines, personnel procedures and company rules. Not only will a comprehensive policy and procedure manual set employee expectations about your business policies and communicate corporate standards - a policy manual can also protect your company down the road from potential misuse of computer systems and IT resources. If your employees use computers at work, your business should, at minimum, implement an ePolicy. An ePolicy is a collection of policies and procedures that address computer and Internet usage in the business place. Creating a policy manual is difficult - let us helpExperts agree: having an effective company policy manual or ePolicy is definitely a resource your company needs. However, writing a policy and procedure manual is not easy; on the contrary, it can take a huge amount of time and effort. The Internet is an invaluable and easily accessible source of information on the topic, but considering the potential amount of time you''ll spend researching, collecting information, selecting appropriate policies, drafting the manual, editing the document and formatting document design and layout, we know we have a better solution: Office Policy Manual 2004 software. Office Policy Manual 2004 human resources formsOffice Policy Manual 2004: the essential policy & procedure manual resourceOffice Policy Manual 2004 will enable you and your management team to efficiently develop a cohesive, current and professional company policy manual. Using Office Policy Manual 2004, you''ll be able to understand, select and tailor personnel policies that best fit your business needs and package those policies into a professional-looking business document that is pre-formatted and clearly organized. More importantly, you''ll save a huge amount of time, money and sweat if you use Office Policy Manual 2004. Why start from scratch if you don''t have to? We''ve done the research, we''ve pulled together the policies and we''ve designed the document layout for you. Office Policy Manual 2004 provides Microsoft Word-compatible templates that can be used to create either a full-scale policy manual, a brief policy manual or an ePolicy manual. These templates provide well written, expertly drafted policies that are pre-formatted and designed to look like finished, professional corporate documents. Along with the policy templates, Office Policy Manual 2004 comes with additional Word templates (such as Human Resources forms), an eBook (How to Write a Policy Manual), a set of Posters the Department of Labor requires to be posted at the workplace and additional Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint templates. Click here to find out more about What''s Included in Office Policy Manual 2004.

US$79.95 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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