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Free Excel Templates / Free Excel DownloadsThis page lists many free Excel downloads and free Excel Templates from Microsoft Corporation. The templates are relatively simple, with no VBA code, and are easy to modify to your needs. If your needs are more complex, please consider the professional template software referenced on this site. DotXLS consulting is also available to quickly and inexpensively create custom applications to suit your needs. Excel Accounting and Reporting Templates

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  • has an excellent collection of over 75 Business and Finance Excel templates for free download.Spreadsheets include:5 Year Projections, 7 Year Balloon Loan Amortization, 24 Month Sales Forecast , 36 Month Sales Forecast , 40 Month Projection Analysis., 48 Month Sales Forecast , 52 Week Sales Record , 401K Planner , 401K Reallocation Planner , Accounts Payable Aging , Activity Ratios , Altman Z-Score , The Altman Z-Score Analysis , Annual Budget Forecast , Annual Direct Labor Analysis Bad Debt Analysis , Balance Sheet (4 Years) $ Dollars $ , Balance Sheet (4 Years) % Percentage % , Breakdown of Operating Costs , Breakdown of Operating Profits , Breakdown of Ownership , Breakeven Chart Analysis, Breakeven Simple Chart Analysis, Breakeven Analysis Corrected 4th Year , Breakeven Analysis , Breakeven Interactive Analysis , Breakeven Analysis Workbook , Business Acquisition Worksheet , Business Plan Outline Cash Flow Analysis , Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis , Comparative Balance Sheet , Comparative Business Income , Comparative Contribution Analysis , Comparative Taxable Income Analysis , Contribution Income Analysis, Corporate Earnings Analysis , Current Assets Value , Direct Marketing Analysis , Daily Time Sheet, Estimating Startup Capital, Excel Functions Glossary , Executive Summary , Financial Comparison Analysis , Financial Health Calculations , Financial Heath Checkup, Flexible Budget , Forecast Analysis , Forty (40) Month Financial Projection General and Administrative Expense Budget , Glossary of Financial Terms , Investment Payback Analysis , Loan Tree , Manufacturing Overhead Budget , Market Value Analysis , Marketing Calculators , Operating Statement (4 Yrs) $ , Operating Statement (4 Yrs) % , Optimal Operating Statement , Personal Wealth Analysis , Pro-Forma Balance Sheet , Pro-Forma Income Statement , Pro Forma Worksheet , Productivity Analysis , Projected 4 Year Asset Value , Projected Operating Statement , Projection of Asset Value , Ratio AnalysisSales Channel Analysis , Sales Seasonality by Month For Excel® 2000 , Small Business Budget , Small Business Tools , Small Business Valuation , Small Builder/Contractor Workbooks (Free spreadsheets by

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